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8021 Aluminum Foil

Thickness Range: 0.014-0.2mm

Width Range: 60-1600mm

Lead time: 25-30 days after PO.


High-performance foil 8021 is an alloy created from pure, aluminum base foil tempered with additional elements. Usually between 0.006 and 20 mm thick, 8021 aluminum foil is produced in many widths and strengths for literally hundreds of applications by our factory. Commonly used tempers of 8021 aluminum foil includes H14, H18, H22 and H24.

Alloy Temper Thickness (mm) Width  (mm) Remark
8021 O,H14,H18, H22,H24 0.014-0.2 60-1600 Aluminum core, steel core

8021 aluminum foil is often used in the field of electronic products, such as soft lithium battery, polymer lithium battery and other types of lithium battery. Because it is not easy to breed bacteria, it is also widely used in the food packaging industry, such as aluminum foil take-out lunch boxes, baking containers, etc. Excellent light-shielding properties can also be used to package cream and other items that are afraid of direct sunlight. With good ductility and easy to tear, it is also widely used in the back of drug capsules for easy storage and opening. 8021 aluminum foil is widely used in various industries.

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