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8006 Aluminum Foil

Thickness Range: 0.014-0.2mm

Width Range: 60-1600mm

Lead time: 25-30 days after PO.


8006 aluminum foil is one of the hot-selling products of 8-series aluminum alloy, which is a non-heat-treatable reinforced aluminum alloy, mostly used for wrinkle-free food box materials. With the fast pace of life, more and more people choose takeout to save time. Takeaway boxes are generally made of plastic. But the environmental issues caused by plastic products cannot be underestimated, so more and more businesses and customers have begun to use aluminum foil lunch boxes.

Alloy Temper Thickness (mm) Width  (mm) Remark
8006 O,H22,H24,H26 0.014-0.2 60-1600 Aluminum core, steel core

8006 aluminum foil is often used in aviation meal box materials, it adopts hot rolling process. The tensile strength can reach 125-135Mpa. After stamping forming the four corners and edges without wrinkles, the appearance of smooth, is the best choice for aerospace non-wrinkle food box material. 8006 aluminum foil products can reach brush water grade A, which has the characteristics of clean surface, no oil stain, environmental protection, non-toxic and harmless. Therefore, aluminum foil lunch boxes made of it are widely welcomed in European countries. Of course, 8006 aluminum foil can also be used in food flexible packaging foils and medicinal foils, which have great advantages.

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