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8011 Aluminum Foil

Thickness Range: 0.006-0.2mm

Width Range: 60-1600mm

Lead time: 25-30 days after PO.


8011 aluminum foil is a product of 8xxx aluminum alloy and also a hot-selling product of aluminum foil of Beijia Aluminum. Its performance is better than 1xxx pure aluminum foil and has many advantages,so it is widely used in all walks of life.

Alloy Temper Thickness (mm) Width  (mm) Remark
8011 O,H12,H14, H18,H22,H24 0.006-0.2 60-1600 Aluminum core, steel core

8011 aluminum foil is clean and hygienic and has a shiny appearance. Can be used for bottle cap materials, drug packaging, food packaging etc.

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