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5083 Aluminum Coil

Thickness range: 0.2~12mm

Width range: max 2650mm

Lead time: 30 days after PO.


5083 aluminium alloy is also belong to Al-Mg alloy series, 5083 aluminum coil is the strongest corrosion resistant alloy in the practical non-heat-treated alloys.

Alloy Temper Thickness(Mm) Width(Mm) Remark
5083 O/H12/H14/H16/H18/H24/H26/H28/H32/H112 0.2~12 Max 2650 Pvc film or paper interleaved

5083 aluminum coils can be used for yacht, cruise ship, etc., such as engine seat, deck of ship, side of ship, bottom, outer plate and so on.And as for vehicles applications, 5083 aluminum coils can be used for tank/car body, automobile fuel tank, gas storage cylinder, bus skin, C82 coal truck, automobile roof/ bottom plate, etc.

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